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   A good local jeweler is trained to Identify Gems of all kinds. They can advise you on quality and price which is a trade off. The high markups that you hear about are mostly due to advertising by some large chains that offer 50-60 % discounts by jacking up the regular (nothing has ever been sold at) price. After covering expenses they are lucky if they clear 10%. Big ticket items carry smaller markups than cheaper goods. If you want a $100,000.00 diamond there are many who will get it for you with as little as 5% over cost. A $20.00 item will have a higher % markup to account for the time it takes an employee to make the sale. The Jewelery business is very competitive. When you are offered a deal, "I can get it for you wholesale" Beware. Those deals often prove costly. There are the cases where people have traveled to the mines in Burma to buy a $10,000.00 ruby for $200.00. When it is checked out it turns out to be a synthetic worth $10.00 tops.
   When you buy from a trusted Jeweler you pay for an honest profit but you can rest assured that you are getting honest value. There is also the service involved in mounting a stone. Most jewelers also will check and clean your jewelery for free no mater where you bought it. Keep in mind that if you buy from QVC and just use your local jeweler for the free stuff it won't be long til he is out of business.
   There are crooks out there as there are in any business but, A jeweler with any brains at all will value their reputation. A steady honest business is worth far more than one can steal till word gets out.

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