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The Value of Color

   When most people think of fine jewelery they think diamonds. Diamonds have been promoted by DeBeers for over a hundred years. The cartel was first formed to smooth out the boom and bust cycle of supply and demand. With the price of diamonds held high there has been a lot of production. There are literally tons of diamonds waiting for buyers. Control of rough supply? "Price" by the cartel has broken many cutters and wholesalers since that many diamonds cannot be sold at those high prices.
   Dealing in fine Yogo sapphire, something I hear a lot is "Why are they as high as diamonds?". Rarity is the key. If you want a 1 carat diamond a call to New York will have as many as hundreds delivered the next day by FedEx. If you want a 1 a carat Yogo you are put on a waiting list and might get one within a year.
   The wide range of colored stones available is astounding. Sapphire and ruby (corundum) are the most durable for wear in rings. Other stones that stand up well are Chrysoberyl and topaz. Many stones should be worn with more care. Even diamonds can be damaged if they are banged around enough.
   Tourmaline comes in all the colors of the rainbow. Prices vary widely. Vibrant colors are most desirable. There are at times small amounts of unusual colors found in a small area. When it is mined out there is no more. Pariba a color that was mined out about 10 years ago is bringing 100 times as much as it was when first mined. If a new vein is found and more supply comes out the price would likely drop. Unlike diamonds color prices vary with supply and demand.

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